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Really Successful & Umbrella Teams Invite you to Become Long Term Partners Earning Massive Monthly Income!

The RS Team has created over 15 high converting webinars converting  at 10%+ for an array of affiliates 

Product range from $497-$1,997


Products provide social media lead generation, eCommerce, viral marketing and make money from home solutions for online and offline marketers.

Some of our Leader Stats

Made over $100,000 with Damien Zamora

Made over $100,000 with Mike Filsaime

Made over $100,000 with Mark Ling

Made a $1/4 Million with Adrian Morrison

Made over $100,000 with Precious Ng

Made over $100,000 with Paul O'Mahony

Made over $100,000 with Justin Atlan

Made over $100,000 with Andrew Darius

Converted at 30% @ $1397 with Aiden Booth 

Converted at 35% @$497 with Adam Short

Converted at 15% @ $897 with Neil Napier

Converted at 13% @ $1,997 with Harlan Kilstein

Converted at 20% @ $697 with Russell Brunson

Converted at 15% @$997 with Jay Boyer

Special Relationships*

Get the Following Bonuses!

Have an idea for a product but no resources to make it happen?

Partner with The RS Team to build the product of your dreams using our development, graphics, and marketing teams.  Speak to our affiliate manager for more details!

Get Paid 70% of your commission within 7 days of the webinar and the rest 30 days later! 

Get Paid Higher for all sales on all webinars you directly promote!

uSponsor Hero

(Converted @ 27.5% at 695) 

We Want to Sponsor You!

That's right, we're going to arm you with bags of money to sponsor any nonprofit you want (with our backing).

While you're taking a huge cut of every sponsorship (on autopilot)! * Zero cost to the nonprofit, * Zero cost to their supporters, * Zero ads, or marketing needed * All powered by Umbrella, * While you'll be making a large cut on everything. Work with any nonprofit you want; Your church, school team, charities, animal rescue, health related, any nonprofit!


(Converted at 22.3% at 497)

Generate Mass Free LinkedIn Traffic Promoting High Commission Offers and Get Paid Even if You Don't Make a Sale!

Linkedin is a TOP B2B social network in the world, outperforming Facebook and Twitter 4x-6x in conversions. 

With Linkify you'll get:

1. A unique LinkedIn Technology that generates mass, organic, LinkedIn traffic to promote affiliate offer or lead-gen for businesses. 2. We connect this traffic with one of the best Affiliate Offers for the LinkedIn audience (Baked in the program) 3. You get paid even if the traffic does not convert to sales! (Insane)

Mad Attraction Formula (Converted at 28.3% at 597)  

Mad Attraction Formula (Converted at 28.3% at 597)  

   Mad Attraction Formula: YouTube specialist Seb teams up with sales getting specialist Daniela to give you a winning funnel to generate high end sales. They give you the red hot offer to a desperate 130M audience, all the leads you need and all the messaging required to have prospects reach out to demanding your high ticket offer.


(Converted @ 34.5% at 497)

Daniela, a Latin American sales superstar, has a New Age Sales System Automated (NASSA), that she has been using to rocket ship start-ups from no revenue to millions, at lightening speed. For the first time, YCombinator, Latitud, etc. sales mentor, responsible for the fastest growing start-up in Miami, shares her no spend, no spam, method for crushing sales for any high end offer via LinkedIn and beyond. Daniela has successfully taught this simple-to-apply, guaranteed 7 day results method to dozens of newbie sales people and start-ups; now is your chance to benefit wildly from NASSA too! (edited) 

uMbrella Care Conversion at 19.7% at 995

ObamaCare RIP. Hello UmbrellaCare

99% of small businesses don't qualify for health benefits

Leaving millions of workers that do not get coverage by their employers

To make matters worse, 1099ers/contractors currently don't get healthcare coverage at all from the companies they work for.

Forcing millions of workers to pay an arm and a leg for healthcare insurance or take the risk of being without coverage.

It's a Trillion dollar problem that up until today could not be solved.

But what if you can offer any type of worker in any type of business insane health coverage for 30 bucks?

What if you could make recurring income full life without selling (we sell for you)

And without being an insurance agent!

Well...say hello to UmbrellaCare, transforming the healthcare industry for the little guy!

Are you ready to start crushing it?

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Matthew S. Mintz - Affiliate Manager

Email Address: [email protected]

Skype: matt1mintz

Facebook: facebook.com/matthew.s.mintz

Telegram: @matthewmintz

Please reach out after you have submitted the form: https://calendly.com/matt1mintz/30min

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