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Really Successful & Umbrella Teams Invite you to Become Long Term Partners Earning Massive Monthly Income!

The RS/Umbrella Teams have created over 15 high converting webinars converting  at 10%+ for an array of affiliates 

Product range from $497-$1,997


Products provide social media lead generation, eCommerce, local marketing, viral marketing and make money from home solutions for online and offline marketers.

Some of our Leader Stats

Made over $100,000 with Damien Zamora

Made over $100,000 with Mike Filsaime

Made over $100,000 with Mark Ling

Made a $1/4 Million with Adrian Morrison

Made over $100,000 with Precious Ng

Made over $100,000 with Paul O'Mahony

Made over $100,000 with Justin Atlan

Made over $100,000 with Andrew Darius

Converted at 30% @ $1397 with Aiden Booth 

Converted at 35% @$497 with Adam Short

Converted at 15% @ $897 with Neil Napier

Converted at 13% @ $1,997 with Harlan Kilstein

Converted at 20% @ $697 with Russell Brunson

Converted at 15% @$997 with Jay Boyer

Special Relationships*

Get the Following Bonuses!

Have an idea for a product but no resources to make it happen?

Partner with The RS/Umbrella Teams to build the product of your dreams using our development, graphics, and marketing teams.  Speak to our affiliate manager for more details!

Get Paid 70% of your commission within 7 days of the webinar and the rest 30 days later! 

Get Paid Higher for all sales on all webinars you directly promote!

Mad Attraction Formula (Converted at 28.3% at 597)  

Marvelous Publishing Academy (Converted at 15.6% at 3x495)  

The hottest way to selling digital products ever!

A combination of

·       A 300-year-old Charles Dickens method that made him the wealthiest author alive

·      A brand-new AMAZON focus no one else it talking about (all the focus, yet limited compeittion)

·      The “Marvel Studio” method discovered by an award winning Hollywood screenwriter

·      Plus, a little AI that takes away 95% of the work...

...And you have a formula anyone can apply to generate high ticket digital sales fast.

·      Travis did 1M with 23 days of effort with this

·      Ron has done $23 with this

·      Shawn closed 2 huge 6-figure deals with this.

Initial tests: Money made/attendee – a whopping $265!

uDTI- Doing theImpossible!!

(Converted @ 27.5% at 695) did over 300/Per attendee internally!!

 Most small businesses lack the expertise, time or budget to run their marketing effectively. This is why large businesses get larger, and many small businesses go under. But what if you could take over all marketing and lead-gen for any business, in any language, anywhere in the world, in 30sec flat?Imagine a a futuristic tech that Autonomously:Generates quality case studies, blogs, postsDoes SEO & generate TrafficCommunicates with users and converts them to leads & meetingsGenerate reviews & referralsBasically taking care of the entire marketing for a business, all autonomously, better than a team of marketers.We're not talking about a bunch of tools you'll need to prompt or manage, we're talking about a Marketing Brain that strategies, executes and optimizes by itself. And here is something else for you:- We'll be doing the initial sales for you! - You'll get a demo tool, which will allow you, with one link, to demo this tech on any website without needing any integration (boom!)- Plus of course, your own website with tech on it, to help you grow faster. 

Mad Attraction Formula (Converted at 28.3% at 597)  

uLsa (Converted at 45.3% at  295)  

   Partner with Google and Umbrella to get any business Endorsed by Google and get qualified calls from potential clients, or they don't pay!Businesses are struggling with PPC, paying an arm and a leg for clicks, investing in funnels, for the hope of turning that traffic into sales calls with qualified prospects. Many struggle to turn clicks into ROI positive sales. That's why Google has made a paradigm shift, and is now selling pay-per-qualified-call. I.e. a business will only pay for a super qualified call.They can start and stop any time, and know in advance the cost per call. Sounds like a dream right? Well, almost...The reality is many businesses are not accepted to this new pay-per-call program, and most of those who do, never get calls. Google is actually promoting just a few in every biz category and service area. Moreover, some of the calls they provide are not qualified.This is where you come in. Backed by Umbrella, you can:1. Get them into the program2. Get them calls (we know how) or they don't pay3. Have all this work done for you4. Have sales done for you if you want (you just get initial interest)4. While you make long term, high-margin recurring incomeWith the best service and value in the world, getting businesses endorsed by Google and providing them qualified calls or they don't pay!Whether you're a marketer looking to expand your services, or a newbie looking to build a digital marketing agency fast, this is the program for you. 

USBO Search Box Optimization (Autocomplete takeover)

(Converted @ 27.5% at 695) 

We now have the power to control autocomplete on Bing & YouTube.This means we divert search traffic before it hits the search result page.It looks like Bing/YouTube is recommending our clients! Plus, clients only pay when we get their search terms on the autocomplete, so this is a no-brainer offer.Our beta testers have closed nearly 100 clients in just 3 weeks, including Walmart, BestBuy, and Ace.Most excitingly, we are getting results on Bing in just a few weeks, so our members are profitable quickly, and their clients are super excited to buy more keywords!Search terms are exclusive, so clients are rushing to grab them, paying 650-10K per term.It's completely legit, we explain on the replay. 100% white hat.

Mad Attraction Formula (Converted at 28.3% at 597)  

Easy Ecom System(Converted at 19.3% at 2x497)  

Unlock the secrets to success on eBay with the Easy Ecom System, guided by the expertise of underground expert, Paul, who earned $1M in his first year and has since helped countless others achieve similar success. This comprehensive course provides step-by-step instructions, allowing you to build your eBay business from anywhere in the world. Benefit from live trainings, 'Ask Me Anything' sessions, and gain exclusive access to the best eBay software, making selling and dropshipping on eBay a breeze

uSponsor Hero

(Converted @ 27.5% at 695) 

We Want to Sponsor You!

That's right, we're going to arm you with bags of money to sponsor any nonprofit you want (with our backing).

While you're taking a huge cut of every sponsorship (on autopilot)! * Zero cost to the nonprofit, * Zero cost to their supporters, * Zero ads, or marketing needed * All powered by Umbrella, * While you'll be making a large cut on everything. Work with any nonprofit you want; Your church, school team, charities, animal rescue, health related, any nonprofit!

UMNM (: Magical Near Me”)

(Converted @ 19.25% at 695x3)  

Thanks to magical new tech, we are now able to give any small business the visibility of the Empire State Building, visible from 50 square mikes away.That means anyone searching within 50SM will be shown the “Near me” ads in Google.This is HUGE for businesses, before 78% of “Near Me” clickers result in sales. Which business can say no to that?It’s even bigger for members, because ALL sales are done for them (they only need to generate interest). The team is led by Carl “The Closer” Smith who’s been converting at over 90% for members.More than that, Carl will also upsell them to other services worth up to $35,000/yr per client! Webinar is converting at 19.2% for a $697x3 offer, which means a ton of commissions for you.

Mad Attraction Formula (Converted at 28.3% at 597)  

Nassa(Converted at 34.5.3% at 497)  

Daniela, a Latin American sales superstar, has a New Age Sales System Automated (NASSA), that she has been using to rocket ship start-ups from no revenue to millions, at lightening speed. For the first time, YCombinator, Latitud, etc. sales mentor, responsible for the fastest growing start-up in Miami, shares her no spend, no spam, method for crushing sales for any high end offer via LinkedIn and beyond. Daniela has successfully taught this simple-to-apply, guaranteed 7 day results method to dozens of newbie sales people and start-ups; now is your chance to benefit wildly from NASSA too! 

Are you ready to start crushing it?

Contact us to to beocme an 

RS/Umbrella Affiliate Program 

Matthew S. Mintz - Affiliate Manager

Email Address: [email protected]

Skype: matt1mintz

Facebook: facebook.com/matthew.s.mintz

Telegram: @matthewmintz

Please reach out after you have submitted the form: https://calendly.com/matthew-rs/30min  

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